The Blogging Revolution?

I have heard it many times – blogging & social bookmarking improves communication and sharing! I’m not so sure!

I came across Afri-Gadget’s Solar Powered Donket Cart the other day and thought it was a bit debatable so made a comment on the blog. Hoping to see this start up some kind of discussion I revisited now and then to see what arose. The answer was that everyone just carried on and no one responded – one other person agreed with my view but just made a rather harsh comment. Overall 55 comments with 7 commenting generally and only 2 responding seriously. But overall nothing was added to the issue and informed concerns about the viability apparently not considered.

Technocrati had 35 listing in the three days since the original Afri-Gadet blog but it seems that only about a third do anything other than just reproduce the picture and some of the text from the original. Those that add anything don’t seem to make any significant contribution.

There were 4 Diggs showing it was there,

One website visited  in following links  alls itself but should really be websitescoppier as stories are just reproduced without comment.

So what is this all doing filling the WEB with duplicates, triplicates, quadruplicates …!

By the way my comment was

Are you all serious?

The current business model is to swap your battery at a battery shop where it is charged.

How can this expensive novelty compete at all and do we want to
waste all this material and effort. What about the extra feed the
donkeys need to pull this metal contraption around!
Does the user have a garage to protect the panel at night – panels have been the target of armed robbers!

I do appreciate the donkey-friendly harnesses but surely….

and still waiting for a comment.

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