One Approach to Development through Food Processing

Some years ago SAFPP (Strengthening African Food Processing) exhibited at Technology Fairs in Kolda in the South of Senegal and Tambacounda a well known stop on the Paris Dakar Rally.

Kolda tECHNOLOGY fAIR - 2000

In what I came to see as typical West African fashion many Projects bu few Entrepreneurs were represented. As well as presenting their project they sold their products which I came to understand was the main reason for their attendence. The photos give an idea of the type of groups exhibiting (one women’s group had a male Chairperson!).

Kolda Technology Fair Exhibitor

Kolda Technology Fair Exhibitor

Oragnaisations selling at the Fair

notice that all of these are groups and not entrepreneurs!

Products at the Kolda Technology Fair


and the products are “artisinal” and have little chance of appealing more than commercial FMCG products sold at the fast mushrooming supermarkets in Africa.

So what level of development can we expect from such an approach?

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