Across the desert to Timbuktu in a car fuelled by chocolate

The Independent reported on two “environmental activists”Andy Pag and John Grimshaw who were setting out to drive from Dorset to Timbuktu in a car powered by chocolate waste.

They left their home town of Poole, Dorset, on a cross-Channel ferry yesterday. They are travelling in a Ford Iveco Cargo lorry powered by fuel which began life as chocolate, in an attempt to raise awareness of “green” biofuels. Their 4,500-mile (7,250 km) trip across the Sahara desert to Timbuktu in Mali should take about three weeks.The pair have taken with them a small processing unit to convert waste oil products into fuel, which they will then donate to an African charity, along with the lorry. They are taking 2,000 litres (454 gallons) of biodiesel made from 4,000kg (8,818lb) of chocolate misshapes – equivalent to 80,000 chocolate bars.

But they will not be able to dip into their tank if they feel peckish because biodiesel does not look or smell like ordinary chocolate. It is made from cocoa butter extracted from the waste chocolate.

The BBC showed a picture of the cargo lorry they are traveling in

Chocolate Powered Lorry to Timbuktu

It is interesting that this comes at a time of discussion in Africa about first generation biofuels and their role in Africa.

Its my own feeling that we have been discussing too long and have been left behind by the developments in Europe & USA, which are now revealing the problems. We should rather be focusing on second generation biofuels which don’t run the risk of taking food from the poor and use waste like this initiative.

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