Africans Abroad – A Potential Market

An obvious market for foods processed in Africa, is the large number of Africans living overseas, who yearn for their traditional foods. While there are a number of speciality shops and food is carried by travelers it seems that this market has not been well addressed.

A recent article from Bangladesh illustrates the potential.

_The Daily Star_ Internet Edition.jpg

The article in the Daily Star starts:

Bangladeshis abroad try to satisfy their craving for a taste of their homeland by stocking up on pickles, spices and snacks imported from Bangladesh.

While traditional exports such as rice and potato flakes remain the country’s largest food exports, drinks and snacks now exceed fresh vegetables as foreign currency earners, according to figures from the Bangladesh Agro-Processors Association.

“A large number of expatriate Bangladeshis want to have the taste of deshi food. And the demand for food items such as chanachur, puffed rice, aromatic rice, mustard oil, fried pulses and pickles are on the rise,” said Khurshid Ahmad Farhad, manager (export) of Square Consumer Products.

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