Another Source of protein for Fish Feed

With the concerns of global warming effecting the availability and cost of fishmeal, the search for alternative sources of protein for aquaculture feeds is ongoing.

While the increasing production of soya oil cakes, in biodiesel production, may reduce the price and increase their availability, their suitability for high level replacement of fish meal.

Now the possibility of “insect farming” is being investigated:

News Aqua Nutrition_ Insect diet for fish attracts industry interest - Aquaculture -

Engormix reports on an investigation at Mississippi State University.

Aqua Nutrition: Insect diet for fish attracts industry interest

Bugs are just pests for most people, but a group of Mississippi State University scientists is working to make insects an important crop.

Frank Davis, emeritus adjunct professor of entomology, received a phone call in early 2007 from a Florida-based company´s president with an interest in mass-producing insects. “His interest was in mass-producing insects as a sustainable protein source to replace fish meal in fish and livestock feeds,” Davis said.

The call brought together a company with diversified interests in seafood and aquaculture technologies with perhaps the only university in the world with the ability to research all aspects of rearing insects as a source of food for fish and other livestock.

Link to the full story here

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