FAO Conference on the Food Crisis

On the first reports I have seen it seems like the conference did not make tangible progress, although I guess this kind of conference never is.

Seems like

  • it was agreed that Food Production would have to solve the problem in the long term
  • a short term increase in funds for food aid would be necessary and
  • it was agreed biofuels gave rise to “challenges and opportunities” which need further investigation

Yahoo! what did that conference cost, what was the environmental impact and why was the issue not addressed at the GIAF held a few months before.

As you can see I’m not very impressed but will follow up and report back over the next few months.

2 Responses to FAO Conference on the Food Crisis

  1. brian says:

    can i use fao infomation for publication free?

  2. daveharcourt says:

    I believe you can use FAO information and share it verbally for free. However, if you were to reproduce and distribute documents you would need to get permission.

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