Some Africa Relevant Biofuel News Links – 1

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This post is a periodic one, that simply lists interesting Biofuel stories that I feel are relevant to Africa. The link will take you to an original article which will acknowledge my source of the story.

Desert plant may hold key to surviving food shortage – Liverpool is starting a project to generate the genome sequence for Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi a Madagascan plant that is water efficient as it captures most of its CO2 at night. The genome sequence could help scientists to develop energy crops able to withstand harsh environments and therefore not compete with food.

Conservationists protest Kenya’s 20,000 hectare sugarcane ethanol plan; 350 species said to be at risk – its not the impact on food this time, but the wildlife that could be endangered.

Omnia invests R29bn in Zambia jatropha research – the project by a South African based group with fertiliser interests will research jatropha agronomics in Zambia, to improve the understanding of the potential of Jatropha as a long term sustainable biofuel crop.

In Ethanol Project stopped by High Court in Kenya – the protests against the environmental impact of the project has apparently borne fruit.

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