Some Africa Relenvant Biofuels News Links – 2

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This post is a periodic one, that simply lists interesting Biofuel stories that I feel are relevant to Africa. The link will take you to an original article which will acknowledge my source of the story.


Nigerian company produces biofuel from sorghum – some details of a project in Nigeria that uses sweet sorghum as a feedstock for ethanol production.

The Mocambican National Government approves an EthanolProject– a bioenergy park will produce almost a billion litres of ethanol a year and create 2,600 jobs.

Cassava Ethanol Project in Nigeria – Kwara Casplex will produce 30.6 million tons of cassava ethanol at new production facilities planned for Oyo and Ekiti states. They appear to be looking at integrating many technologies to increase the overall system efficiency.

Oil Palm in the Congo – an Italian biodiesel producer has signed a 30 year agreement with the Congo national government to cultivate oil palm on 98,000 acres.

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