Web to Email

I am aware that many of the people who could benefit from the information I am publishing have difficulty in downloading files from the INTERNET due to the cost of being online. I in fact mentioned this in a recent blog which was based on a very practical drying manual which can be downloaded.

While GOOGLE says they, with HSBC, are going to bring cheap satellite based INTERNET connectivity to Africa, this will take time and we still need to see what options exists at present.

One solution is offered by Web2Mail.com.


from: Web2Mail
(click image for full story online)


The service allows you to receive any webpage as an attachment to an email. So long as you have a pop mail account getting the information into your computer will be much quicker than going online to download the information. This will be particularly useful where you want to download an online document.

There used to be many of these kind of services but they have mainly closed down claiming that they were not being used effectively.

We are investigating the possibility of the Blog supplying documents featured here by email, on request from users. This, however, requires that we get permission from the owner of the information.

Another thought is that seeing that most of what is discussed here essentially has a developmental focus, it should be possible to get assistance is sourcing documents from extension officers and NGOs who have better connectivity.

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